I got ratified


At last I got ratified!

I was aware of ratified.org as the site that ranks the top 100 blogs in the Philippine Blogosphere eversince. Sad to say, I was not interested then into making a blog to be “ratified”.

I had a different focus.

But then when I got the chance to see the  realm of pinoy bloggers, I had an awakening. Questions like, why not create once and for all a blog that I can be proud of? Why not surface out from the underground? And so, www.garyviray.com was reinvented into a more “sane” site that anyone might be interested in reading my blogposts. In fact, I even titled this site before as something like, “I am not proud of my blog” which generated a lot of varied reactions from the Philippine Blogosphere. It was an unintentional link bait (hehe) actually from the  vantage of a Filipino SEO guy.

After those reactions, That was the start.

Currently, I am rank 31 among the top 100 blogs in the Philippines. It is good start.

So… I got ratified? What is next? We’ll see. 🙂


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