Page & site analysis tools CON link building tools

Try to check the health of your website.

1. Crawl Test – analyzes crawling issues of you website, if any. (
2. Strongest pages on a domain (
3. Check Indexed Pages by search engines (
4. Check inclusion – validates if indexed by search engines (
5. Find Domain Age (
6. Check HTTP Status Code (
7. Whois – domain registration information (
8. IP Location for tracking (
9. Google Webmaster Tools (

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SEM Conference in Bicol – A success!

gary-cagsawa1The SEMCON in Bicol initiated by Aquinas University was a huge success.

The primary goal of the SEMCON in Bicol is to orient the students and IT professionals in the region about the importance of Social Media, Social Networks and Search Engine Marketing and to understand how the said topics can impact the current trends of marketing and interaction among online users worldwide.

I specifically tackled a more technical aspect of SEO primarily on the off-page optimization and I was so glad that the my audience were very receptive (hopefully) to my topic – Link Building Tools and Techniques as evidenced by their glued eyes to the slides I presented and of course, the countless intelligent queries I generated from them during the Q&A portion.

The hightlights of my topic are the following:

1. Fast Link Building vs. Slow Link Building
2. Importance of a good content to serve as a link bait
3. The Link Building Tools (free and paid ones)
4. How the search engines behave these days as observed during the recently concluded Busby SEO World  Cup
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A Blog Marketing talk at De La Salle – St Benilde

Busby SEO TestI was invited by EMARKE (Electronic Marketing) Class of Marketing Management of De La Salle – St. Benilde to talk about Blog Marketing last November 28,2008.

At first I was hesitant because I have not talked to students for like 6 years already and I was afraid that I might not have the “magic” anymore to connect to them on what I am supposed to discuss. But then I had a second thought and I said yes.

While I was driving my way to St. Benilde, I recalled how I used to be as a facilitator in the learning process of young minds and I thought, Hmm.. I think this one opportunity is something I should not miss.

True, I am already akin to talking to professionals and corporate entities and it has become like an ordinary thing already but to students, I already forgot the feeling. 🙁

I arrived late in the scene because of the bad traffic in Manila and constructions are ongoing here and there. Surprisingly, I was the first speaker to be there. The traffic jam is already bad and that later, I heard that the Multiply representative from ABS-CBN cannot make it because of some minor accident on his/her way to St. Benilde.

So I had a small chitchat with the group of students who were tasked to facilitate the event and then, a few minutes came Joel Yuviengco, a Social Network consultant and Ramon Duremdes Jr., the CEO of Mobile Arts.

Busby SEO TestYou see the world is so small because the 2 individuals are in one way or another are connected to my network of friends. I was able to meet Nonoy Carandang, the Editor of Digital Photographer Magazine who was also there to talk about a certain topic too.

So when it was my turn (I was the second speaker because Ramon of Mobile Arts requested me to talk first instead of him), the magic of being in front of students came out of me once again. You see when you are a speaker, you need to look at your audience and you have to make sure that they are connecting. Gets? Are you with me? kinda questions that you should ask yourself or else, you will never be effective. If it needs to scrap all your prepared presentation just to get your message across then you should.

Luckily, I still have that charm in me and that ability to connect to my audience. In short, I had fun being in front of students again.

Adolfo Aran & Gary Viray-Busby SEO TestAfter the event, the speakers had a small conversation about what are going online these days. In short, my decision coming to the event is correct. 🙂

Of course, Adolfo Aron III is all support to this event and Janette Toral is always a great help.

The students of De Lasalle-St Benilde are amazing! Oh! the new building rocks! Top of the class!

Anyways, let me look at my Busby SEO Test entry now..

Digital Filipino Christmas Party

Oh my! This post is long overdue.

I had a picture taken at the 38th floor of Discovery Suite where headquarter is. Rare photo of me. –>

I attended the Digital Filipino Christmas Party and I was late as usual. I just grabbed two beers just to have things “tick” right on the spot or else my usual shy-type self will simply ruin the night.Opps! But no (sabay bawi), that was only a joke though. I was glad to meet Ada of, Jay of and Ms.

Although I was late, it was fun because the Digital Filipino members are so welcoming and all.  I never witnessed the raffle draw where Ada won the 3G phone. Whew! that girl is such a lucky one. Hey! Ada, they said once you are lucky with raffles, you will never be lucky with love. So beware… but you will have it booted out if you give me your 3G phone? hehe Nambola pa no?

Anyways, I do hope that we can have a repeat of such wonderful occasion together with the known, Ms. Janette Toral of