Search Engine Marketing Seminar – UCU, Pangasinan, Philippines

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My talk  on Search Engine Marketing and Optimization at Urdaneta City, Pangasinan  is a real treat. Why? Because I was able to share with my SEO Pangasinan friends my ideas on how to properly approach off-page optimization.

Of course, I could not forget the enthusiasms and interests I generated among the UCU students as I got into the real deal opportunities they can get online.

I would also like to thank the SEO Pangasinan people, Bitstop Dagupan and the Urdaneta City University who have been very supportive in this endeavor.
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SEM Conference in Bicol – A success!

gary-cagsawa1The SEMCON in Bicol initiated by Aquinas University was a huge success.

The primary goal of the SEMCON in Bicol is to orient the students and IT professionals in the region about the importance of Social Media, Social Networks and Search Engine Marketing and to understand how the said topics can impact the current trends of marketing and interaction among online users worldwide.

I specifically tackled a more technical aspect of SEO primarily on the off-page optimization and I was so glad that the my audience were very receptive (hopefully) to my topic – Link Building Tools and Techniques as evidenced by their glued eyes to the slides I presented and of course, the countless intelligent queries I generated from them during the Q&A portion.

The hightlights of my topic are the following:

1. Fast Link Building vs. Slow Link Building
2. Importance of a good content to serve as a link bait
3. The Link Building Tools (free and paid ones)
4. How the search engines behave these days as observed during the recently concluded Busby SEO World  Cup
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