Social Media- A boon or bane among IT network administrators?

batman-jokerSocial Media per se is no longer a new term among internet marketers as it has been one of our primary platforms in reaching out to our prospective clients online. The growing population of internet users specifically in Asia has been astounding and that this online social phenomenon (social media) shows no sign of stopping at all.

Fairly said, it is the way to go when you want visibility, awareness, market, traffic, mileage and of course, conversion for your product/brand. It is the cheapest yet effective way of marketing your product/brand.

Hear ye! I am not talking about the future here because this social media platform is already the here-and-now way to market your brand.

I really could not understand some IT policies that block social networking sites and social bookmarking sites when the said guilty companies’ core businesses are into customer service, entertainment, press relations and other business models that need to be promoted globally so as to be billed as world-class companies.

It is really a counter-productive measure to execute IT policies of blocking social media sites among its employees because of its inadequacy to prevent possible virus attacks. It doesn’t really address the real issue of IT security risks by simply blocking social media sites. I call it a cheap shot!

Granted, some malwares are coming from the social networks (?) and some viruses are passing through the transfer of files into the network but if these activities are nicely secured by the network administrators with patches and server policy procedures, the need to block social networks (social media) is no longer relevant.

How about the transfer of files using USB drives, cell phones and other file media into the network offline? I guess this type of activities makes the network more vulnerable to attacks. Let us count our fingers. Let us use our arithmetic lessons.

If I were to ask, any ICT group exists to support, develop and push forward the business core products either through promotion of company brands, services and products via available technologies.

IT Support exists to make life easier and not the other way around.

Now, executing policies due to poor monitoring only to guard the network and without JUST consideration that such overly-secured implementation can harm other aspects of the business core brand/products is NEVER the way to do it.

Again, this is the ever tug-of-war between the overly baked IT security policies versus the more productive IT endeavours especially on social media usages is something that needs to be really addressed.

The Web 2.0 has redefined the way we conduct our businesses these days.

Admittedly, such paradigm shift among consumers to utilize social networks, social bookmarks, blog platforms and others have greatly affected their buying decisions.
We converse, communicate, interact and socialize in the internet through the social media. We CANNOT DENY that fact. We find costumers through those said networking sites whether we like it or not.

But then, if IT policies hinder all these already available social media (needless to say, sites topping the daily internet traffic) then it goes to show that the IT mindset 10 or 20 years ago has not morphed into something more fruitful at all. It has not grown at all.

I know you would react that some employees are using those social networks during their time of work. Do they have good output? Are they performing well as expected? If yes, then you don’t have any reason to block the social networking sites at all. How about if some employees are not performing rightly? Then, simply block those employees’ computers to send the signal that they are being monitored with their activities and outputs.

Blocking social media should be done on a case-to-case basis.

Again, you cannot stop people to socialize and to interact. Blocking the social media in your network is almost committing a mortal sin, I should say.

So, Is Social Media, a boon or a bane?

Think about it.

Just my thoughts put online being an SEM Philippines advocate  Cadabish!


  1. ajay

    Amen to this, Master.Social media is not just for networking, it is also a potent source of information. I learn about the latest news and buzz not from traditional media sites, but from sites like Plurk.There is a positive side to SM you know.It can aid work productivity if you use it wisely. I hope IT people realize this in due time, as they should have realized this a long time ago. It feels like Martial Law as it is, hu hu

  2. Micamyx

    Nice post! LOL

    Seriously, I am becoming more productive on my job due to the help of my friends from plurk as they share the freshest news and there’s an instant exchange of ideas. I dunno, but I can’t really function well without the wonders of SM especially with my job. I can’t imagine myself working in a company where my SM sites are blocked wah i will die lol 😛

  3. Bobbit Angeles

    Some companies are scared of the “productivity” issue. The work culture in most companies hasn’t really change during the past years. Regarding IT, control had always been an issue. What companies today should think about the paradox that the more we are in control, the more out of touch we are. The more we give up control, the more we become in touch.

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