Volusion’s Mysterious Google Analytics Tracker UA-7453698

Today, I’ve spent some hours trying to figure out our clients’ Volusion e-commerce websites having a mysterious Google Analytics tracker ID, UA-7453698.volusion-logoJust recently, Google Analytics started migrating most of our accounts from the classic asynchronous Google Analytics trackers to Universal Analytics. This prompted us to look into the tracking codes of some E-commerce websites we handle. When Volusion sites were already up for tracking code customization, here’s what we’ve noticed.

1. Our Google Tag Manager implementation had some Javascript conflicts as per Chrome browser based Tag Assistant by Google plugin.

2. Two (2) Google Analytics trackers were detected. One of which is the mysterious UA-7453698!

We looked at the templates and html files to delete the said script. However; we could not remove it from the files. The script is hidden.  Continue reading “Volusion’s Mysterious Google Analytics Tracker UA-7453698”