SEMCON 2010 – Search Opt Media was there!

Search Opt Media Inc., a SEO Company in the Philippines was present during the first day of the 4th SEMCON 2010. I was happy that we finally gave it a go to attend the conference despite all the deliverables at hand.

I learned a lot on my one-one session with Jim Boykin and Chris Ellis during the poolside party con chitchat after the conference. You get to learn more when you do ask one-on-one these TOP Search Gurus in the industry. Amazingly, they were way too happy to tell their crafts and methods with no qualms at all. If I give a value on what I learned from them, I think that will be  around $10,000 at least! Not a bad conversion goal right? =P

By the way, I shared my thoughts about the Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Key Take Away from SEMCON at  Go check it out!

Search Opt Media & Aaron Wall of SEO Book
Search Opt Media & Aaron Wall of SEO Book
Jim Boykin of WeBuildPages & Gary Viray of Search Opt Media
Jim Boykin of WeBuildPages & Gary Viray of Search Opt Media

Facebook Open Graph | Adding Like Button | Killing Google & SEO

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook Open Graph | F8 Developer Conference

Facebook Open Graph was recently launched during the F8 Developer Conference.

Let me quote a few lines from CNet.

The bigger announcement was what Facebook calls the “Open Graph,” and how Facebook plans to connect disparate corners of the Web that other social sites are building. “Yelp is mapping out the part of the graph that relates to small businesses. Pandora is mapping out the part of the graph that relates to music,” Zuckerberg said. “If we can take these separate maps of the graph and pull them all together, then we can create a Web that’s smarter, more social, more personalized, and more semantically aware.”

“These connections aren’t just happening on Facebook, they’re happening all over the Web, and today with the Open Graph we’re bringing all these things together,” Zuckerberg said.

With these bold announcement from the Facebook CEO himself, some questions keep bugging some people on issues involving web search engines such as Google. Will the FACEBOOK OPEN GRAPH can finally topple the dominant Google? What future will it lead SEO practitioners if such thing happens?

I would say Google will still be the dominant force in the World Wide Web. The Google Link Graph technology has a different approach than that of the Facebook Like Graph. The crawling of pages and link graph architecture of tagging, indexing and ranking pages according to relevancy will still hold useful to different type of searchers online. So far, Google is outstanding. No doubt about it.

As for the Facebook Open Graph – with that dub of  “like button” that can added in your website and being evangelized by the Facebook CEO himself as the wave of future in search,  it still needs to be proven.

I am a little skeptical if it will change the search behavior patterns in the next few years although we have already seen the impact of social networks and personalized search results. Certain lines were drawn but not entirely when it comes to the dominance of web search engine results are concerned. The fact that some results “can be liked” by some can be “not-so-likeable” for others. Continue reading “Facebook Open Graph | Adding Like Button | Killing Google & SEO”

Revisiting Fundamentals of SEO

Dixon Jones made it very clear that the Fundamentals of SEO Are Far From ‘Basic’. I agree.

As many local companies are jumping into having their web presence felt, web sites and web pages are being built and rebuilt many times. Companies get the best web developers just to get things started for them. The goal is simple. To rock and hit the chart (ROI). Good! Good! The result? Well, you should know your metrics.

Proliferation of SEO practitioners are almost everywhere these days because the Fundamentals of SEO are not hard to learn. Are they easy?

What separates the better SEO herds from those not-so good SEOs? I think it is how they treat the fundamentals of SEO. There are fundamentals, true but they are not basic as opposed to what other people may think of. There is an art to it if you would not want to call it a science. So be it.

So what SEO fundamentals would anyone should grasp? Simple. Hmm.. It isnot so simple actually.  The search engines are here to stay in order to give the users that ultimate goal of outputting the right content that matter to them.  Search engines have a goal of providing content with a “sense of relevancy and productivity” (if I may quote Dixon Jones). More than that, the algorithms keep on changing providing more and more signals to rank relevant web pages to the searchers. So if you are a company who wanted to provide your users and feed the search engines the best content/product you have, how would you treat your online presence then? I think you know the answer.


Search Engine Strategies London with Jim Sterne & Gary Viray

SES London (Business Design Centre - Islington, London) - Jim Sterne & Gary Viray (SEO Consultant Philippines) - February 15-20,2010

When I was in London last February 14-20,2010 to attend the Search Engine Strategies (SES), I was skeptical as to what I can learn from the said conference. All I thought things are way to general in terms of the knowledge and information I can get. It turned out that I was wrong. Everything went fine. All was fun!

Jim Sterne who was seated just beside me while listening to the Augmented Reality presentation of Howard Ogden kept me thinking on how can I get him into a casual conversation. Knowing myself when it comes to social networking, I am a quiet person  and so… I did the opposite. hehe. I asked him a casual query and there you go, communication went well and I even got myself a chance to take a photo of the two us. He is I would say a quiet guy too who knows how to live by what he preaches.  Social Media is about engagement and it is all-about knowing how to listen well and to spend time reacting on any given reply or response.  Jim Sterne would say, Retweeting is one of the best acts one can do to get people be involved in a discussion as well as getting them to really listen to your tweets too.  Action, reaction I should say.

Jim Sterne was a keynote speaker during the SES London conference who talked about ” Social Media Metrics”.  If Avinash Kaushnik was awesome, Jim Sterne is overwhelming! When it comes to Social Media Metrics, Jim Sterne discussed rightly the metrics that matters most in using social media for any business or product.

Again, SES London. Jim Sterne is amazing!