Revisiting Fundamentals of SEO

Dixon Jones made it very clear that the Fundamentals of SEO Are Far From ‘Basic’. I agree.

As many local companies are jumping into having their web presence felt, web sites and web pages are being built and rebuilt many times. Companies get the best web developers just to get things started for them. The goal is simple. To rock and hit the chart (ROI). Good! Good! The result? Well, you should know your metrics.

Proliferation of SEO practitioners are almost everywhere these days because the Fundamentals of SEO are not hard to learn. Are they easy?

What separates the better SEO herds from those not-so good SEOs? I think it is how they treat the fundamentals of SEO. There are fundamentals, true but they are not basic as opposed to what other people may think of. There is an art to it if you would not want to call it a science. So be it.

So what SEO fundamentals would anyone should grasp? Simple. Hmm.. It isnot so simple actually.  The search engines are here to stay in order to give the users that ultimate goal of outputting the right content that matter to them.  Search engines have a goal of providing content with a “sense of relevancy and productivity” (if I may quote Dixon Jones). More than that, the algorithms keep on changing providing more and more signals to rank relevant web pages to the searchers. So if you are a company who wanted to provide your users and feed the search engines the best content/product you have, how would you treat your online presence then? I think you know the answer.