Top 10 SEO/SEM data you need to impact your actionable online marketing strategies

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Your brand/product is online [period]. As a brand/product you might want to understand how are you fairing in terms of the following:

10 SEO/SEM Data you need to impact your actionable online marketing strategies

1. Brand/product mentions through blogs, social networks and microblogs – monitoring the blogosphere and the social media!

2. Visualization of your site/brand in terms of link profile (important for search engine marketing and social media optimization)

3. Keywords/terms being used by people finding you using the search engines

4. Popular searches in your niche and competition analysis

6. Site ranking in terms of well-researched keywords and site traffic

5. Spam detection against your site/brand Continue reading “Top 10 SEO/SEM data you need to impact your actionable online marketing strategies”

Facebook Open Graph | Adding Like Button | Killing Google & SEO

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook Open Graph | F8 Developer Conference

Facebook Open Graph was recently launched during the F8 Developer Conference.

Let me quote a few lines from CNet.

The bigger announcement was what Facebook calls the “Open Graph,” and how Facebook plans to connect disparate corners of the Web that other social sites are building. “Yelp is mapping out the part of the graph that relates to small businesses. Pandora is mapping out the part of the graph that relates to music,” Zuckerberg said. “If we can take these separate maps of the graph and pull them all together, then we can create a Web that’s smarter, more social, more personalized, and more semantically aware.”

“These connections aren’t just happening on Facebook, they’re happening all over the Web, and today with the Open Graph we’re bringing all these things together,” Zuckerberg said.

With these bold announcement from the Facebook CEO himself, some questions keep bugging some people on issues involving web search engines such as Google. Will the FACEBOOK OPEN GRAPH can finally topple the dominant Google? What future will it lead SEO practitioners if such thing happens?

I would say Google will still be the dominant force in the World Wide Web. The Google Link Graph technology has a different approach than that of the Facebook Like Graph. The crawling of pages and link graph architecture of tagging, indexing and ranking pages according to relevancy will still hold useful to different type of searchers online. So far, Google is outstanding. No doubt about it.

As for the Facebook Open Graph – with that dub of  “like button” that can added in your website and being evangelized by the Facebook CEO himself as the wave of future in search,  it still needs to be proven.

I am a little skeptical if it will change the search behavior patterns in the next few years although we have already seen the impact of social networks and personalized search results. Certain lines were drawn but not entirely when it comes to the dominance of web search engine results are concerned. The fact that some results “can be liked” by some can be “not-so-likeable” for others. Continue reading “Facebook Open Graph | Adding Like Button | Killing Google & SEO”

SEM & SEO on any given day

Gary Viray during the Iblog6 - Photo courtesy of Darrick Regondola

Busy month? Indeed! That is exactly the reason why I could not even do justice to my own blog. No updates for many months. Poor blog.

As far as I could remember, the last time I went out to socialize with bloggers and online marketers was during the iBlog6 – The 6th Philippine Blogging Summit. Sleepless as I was, I braved C5 all they way to UP-College of Law just to deliver a talk on SEO and Blogging for Business. SEO is sort of a broad topic given just a 20-minute talk time. Thus, I simply opted to talk about the said subject and not to deal with Blogging for Business. Anyway, I am not a professional blogger as many would claim they are although I have been blogging since 2004 or 2005 using a blogspot platform.

Okay, here is a gist of what I talked about at iBlog6.

I listed a few to-do list (thanks to Erica Schimdt) on what a blogger or an SEO specialist should do in order to get noticed online.

1. Keyword Research

Many have been written about this topic but then I would simply reiterate that any Search Engine Marketing effort without a well-researched and well-thought of set of keywords would simply mean NOTHING.

During my talk, I simply mentioned Google related searches, Google Suggestions and Google Insights as useful tools in keyword research.

2. Crawlability, Content, Site Map, Spamming (No!) – On Page Factors (in a nutshell)

With the Google Caffeine finally rolled out, all the more that crawlability of web pages must be assured. To spot such issue, the use of Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer and Bing Webmaster Central are key tools right from the Search Engine themselves. Crawlability can also be attributed with On-page Factors such as page titles, page structure, use of headings (H1,H2,H3 tags), text size, text contrast and text related tags. Meta Tags such Description (using 160 characters max) and the use of Alt Text and image naming convention based on keywords are equally important too.

Generation of Sitemap must also be taken into serious consideration as this is one area where search engines basically love to visit/crawl.

3. “Be Universal”

Search Engine Optimization is not only all about Web Searches these days especially if you wanted to optimize products, services, items and brands targeting three (3) different type of users namely:  informational, navigational and transactional searchers.

Universal search engine optimization (others call it, vertical search optimization) requires a well-rounded approach in the optimization process by looking into the categorized searches or else you may end up missing the ‘leaked traffic’ coming from the said search verticals. Factoring in a complete SEO plan and strategy for universal search is the way to go. Continue reading “SEM & SEO on any given day”