Search Engine Marketing Seminar – UCU, Pangasinan, Philippines

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My talk  on Search Engine Marketing and Optimization at Urdaneta City, Pangasinan  is a real treat. Why? Because I was able to share with my SEO Pangasinan friends my ideas on how to properly approach off-page optimization.

Of course, I could not forget the enthusiasms and interests I generated among the UCU students as I got into the real deal opportunities they can get online.

I would also like to thank the SEO Pangasinan people, Bitstop Dagupan and the Urdaneta City University who have been very supportive in this endeavor.

I guess it will be worth mentioning too in advance that the SEO Pangasinan group are coming up with a huge Search Engine Marketing Conference (SEMCON) in Pangasinan. As of now, we are on our planning stage on how to make the said event possible.

So far, I already have the support of some known ICT practitioners in Pangasinan and I hope we can come up with something really worth telling kind of event in the near future. Cadabish!


  1. richer

    Nice post… great blog and interesting picture… hahaha lolz…

    nice one… spammy comment please accept… nyok…

    kailan ulit spam conference?

  2. Bernard Barcenilla

    Hi Mr.Viray,
    If you have anymore seminars on this subject please inform me esp. on marketing strategies concerning websites and internet marketing or if you can refer me to any upcoming events that would be fantastic!!
    God Bless!
    Bernard Barcenilla

  3. belle

    hi tanong ko lang po kung saang school sa pangasinan nagbibigay po ng training tungkol po sa SEO..thank you so much.

  4. virayvibe


    I am afraid, none so far. We just had a training in UCU-Pangasinan but after that, I have not heard of any.

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