Gmail inbox full

If you have been using your Gmail account for quite sometime now, chances are, your account will be full sooner or later. There are several options to consider when you reached this point. Such as:

  • Delete old e-mails.
    Yes, all those alerts and newsletters, just delete all of them. The same can be done to old email whose attachments no longer matter.
  • Create a new account and have it import all your e-mail from the full Gmail account.
    After that, delete or have it automatically delete all imported e-mails.
    You can also configure this to make it appear as sending from your former Gmail address and have it automatically import all new e-mails.
  • Create a new e-mail account and use it as default for personal correspondence.
    In your settings, accounts, you can have your current Gmail be configured to appear as sending out from a specific e-mail address. The replies can also be sent to that new address.

    This allows you to gradually introduce your new address while maintaining the current one.

I am biased on the last one as having a fresh e-mail address allows you to focus on how to use it properly and not use it to subscribe to various online services.