Microsoft Bing – The Future of Search?

Admittedly, I am not a fan of Microsoft especially when it comes to scalability and realibility (not to mention the $$$ they snatch away from Microsoft dependent companies).

So why I am talking about Microsoft now? Maybe you have heard of Kumo which has been long awaited by many search engine marketers like me since Bill and his marketing smarts say that it is the best search engine so far that can match Google (I doubt).  But since it has taken them too long (huhum), they renamed it as “BING“.  Why BING? I dunno. 😛

Anyways, this Microsoft Bing search engine would definitely have yet to earn its respect from most of us especially on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) practitioners.

Personally, the MSN search engine did not live to my expectations  because of its lame functionality. It is just that it made it as one of the top 3 SEs simply of the Microsoft saucy marketing strategy but without, it is nothing.

I am sorry for those Microsoft fans out there. This is just my personal opinion.