Top 10 SEO/SEM data you need to impact your actionable online marketing strategies

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Your brand/product is online [period]. As a brand/product you might want to understand how are you fairing in terms of the following:

10 SEO/SEM Data you need to impact your actionable online marketing strategies

1. Brand/product mentions through blogs, social networks and microblogs – monitoring the blogosphere and the social media!

2. Visualization of your site/brand in terms of link profile (important for search engine marketing and social media optimization)

3. Keywords/terms being used by people finding you using the search engines

4. Popular searches in your niche and competition analysis

6. Site ranking in terms of well-researched keywords and site traffic

5. Spam detection against your site/brand Continue reading “Top 10 SEO/SEM data you need to impact your actionable online marketing strategies”

Search Engine Strategies London with Jim Sterne & Gary Viray

SES London (Business Design Centre - Islington, London) - Jim Sterne & Gary Viray (SEO Consultant Philippines) - February 15-20,2010

When I was in London last February 14-20,2010 to attend the Search Engine Strategies (SES), I was skeptical as to what I can learn from the said conference. All I thought things are way to general in terms of the knowledge and information I can get. It turned out that I was wrong. Everything went fine. All was fun!

Jim Sterne who was seated just beside me while listening to the Augmented Reality presentation of Howard Ogden kept me thinking on how can I get him into a casual conversation. Knowing myself when it comes to social networking, I am a quiet person  and so… I did the opposite. hehe. I asked him a casual query and there you go, communication went well and I even got myself a chance to take a photo of the two us. He is I would say a quiet guy too who knows how to live by what he preaches.  Social Media is about engagement and it is all-about knowing how to listen well and to spend time reacting on any given reply or response.  Jim Sterne would say, Retweeting is one of the best acts one can do to get people be involved in a discussion as well as getting them to really listen to your tweets too.  Action, reaction I should say.

Jim Sterne was a keynote speaker during the SES London conference who talked about ” Social Media Metrics”.  If Avinash Kaushnik was awesome, Jim Sterne is overwhelming! When it comes to Social Media Metrics, Jim Sterne discussed rightly the metrics that matters most in using social media for any business or product.

Again, SES London. Jim Sterne is amazing!

Google Caffeine not until the holidays

The Florida Google major update was an unforgettable Google update which generated panic among many online businesses way back 2003. A lot of them lost traffic thus  lost sales and income especially so with a highly targeted revenue because of the holiday season. Oh well, those losers complained about the Florida Google update but those who gained remained quiet. As usual. 🙂

In order to avoid the same hush-hush and a lot dissing and cursing among the online businesses and owners about the much-anticipated (if not feared) Google caffeine implementation, Google made a quick yet intelligible decision to simply make the changes after the holidays.

This is a good leeway among my co SEO Consultants in the Philippines (SEO Consultant Philippines) to have more time preparing  for the said major update.

Again, like what I asked about the future of SEM Philippines or SEO Philippines Consultancy in my previous post here when the Google Caffeine becomes live remains to be seen..

SEM Philippines, SEO Consultant Philippines, SEO Philippines Consultant & Google Caffeine Going Live!

For the past few months, I never did dare to look at my site’s ranking on some keywords which I deem valuable in my practice as an SEO Philippines Consultant because I was practically so overwhelmed with a lot of “things to do”.

Moreover, I was so busy to have tested a lot of “signals”  on the Google caffeine sandbox effects as it is about to be implemented or is already in full-blown in some date centers.

Try to look at the message from Google.

Thank you!

We appreciate all the feedback from people who searched on our Caffeine sandbox.

Based on the success we’ve seen, we believe Caffeine is ready for a larger audience. Soon we will activate Caffeine more widely, beginning with one data center. This sandbox is no longer necessary and has been retired, but we appreciate the testing and positive input that webmasters and publishers have given.

The Google Caffeine sandbox test page is no longer available and it is crystal clear based on the message above that the new Google algorithm is going live!

So what will be the future of SEM Philippines or SEO Consultant Philippines when the Google Caffeine is in full blast? I have some questions in mind as follows:

1. What other significant changes were made in the Google algorithm that every SEO  consultant or SEO Philippines Consultant service company should understand?

2. Will link acquisition still be the heavyweight contender that every SEO practitioner adapts as their topmost priority in ranking their clients well? Or will the social networking sites and social integration & interaction of brands and products be the next big thing that search engines like Google is driving into in ranking pages?

3.  Can Google profile and Sidewiki impact searches and ranks?

4. Is Google wave a concrete evidence of Google’s direction by giving importance to social interactions/media?

Whatever the answer maybe, it is vivid that social media optimization (SMO) and search engine optimization (SEO) should start morphing together as one and that every SEO Consultant Philippines consultant must start acquiring expertise on both fields in order to grow better as an Online Marketer.