Google Caffeine not until the holidays

The Florida Google major update was an unforgettable Google update which generated panic among many online businesses way back 2003. A lot of them lost traffic thus  lost sales and income especially so with a highly targeted revenue because of the holiday season. Oh well, those losers complained about the Florida Google update but those who gained remained quiet. As usual. 🙂

In order to avoid the same hush-hush and a lot dissing and cursing among the online businesses and owners about the much-anticipated (if not feared) Google caffeine implementation, Google made a quick yet intelligible decision to simply make the changes after the holidays.

This is a good leeway among my co SEO Consultants in the Philippines (SEO Consultant Philippines) to have more time preparing  for the said major update.

Again, like what I asked about the future of SEM Philippines or SEO Philippines Consultancy in my previous post here when the Google Caffeine becomes live remains to be seen..