Google says no to Keywords Meta Tag

After years of speculation about the use of keywords meta tag  effect in SERP – Search Engine Rank Pages, now everything has come to light after the official declaration from Google Webmaster Central Blog that Google has not even considered such meta tag (keyword) eversince as part of their more than 200 hundred signals in ranking pages on there search result.

Matt Cutts even reiterated such non-usage of meta tag keyword by  discussing in this video.

This revelation is somehow pretty funny because I remembered that during our good old days in SEO (SEM Philippines) that we were overly concerned about this portion of our meta tag on our web pages just to get good ranking in Google.

However; As an SEM or SEO practitioner, you should still make it a point that you have the meta tag keywords intact on your web pages because on the other hand, Yahoo! is still looking for those meta tags on their search algorithm. Now in doing so, you get good ranking too in Yahoo! as well as in Bing.


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