Link Removal Requests Done Right

There seem to be a lot of discussions regarding my post about the Google Penalty recovery coming from different perspectives. Even Hacker News picked it up through Slaven’s post. See below.hacker news

Here is Slaven’s original post. I appreciate that Slaven aired his side on the matter. I understand his frustration about combatting spammers which other webmasters can relate too. I am a webmaster too, I feel his pain.

Going back to Slaven’s post stating that I lacked perspective on what he was to trying point out about spamming, hacking and all other things that webmasters have been suffering for ages. It is not actually about the lack of it but because it is not the subject of my post. I was more focused on how to deal with those webmasters who are involved in paid links, made-for-SEO sites, cheap link directories, etc. that, in my opinion, pollute the web. I would assume that Slaven is not in any way part of it. So, he should sit tight and be cool.

There has been quite an active discussion inside about Slaven’s post from which I commented to clarify the issue.

See my reply below. Painful Tale SEO Spam

Link Removal Requests Done Right.

Try to draw the line between those good and beautiful SEOs doing their jobs correctly and those spammers of the web. Legit SEOs understand basic relationship building and correct email outreaching. For any RR to be looked into by Google Web Spam Team, SEOs are required to contact webmasters (all types) to request removal of those links deemed unnatural. Take note, it is not a demand email but a request. Taking the cue from that, we understand the value of cordially asking webmasters for link removal. We get different replies (mind you!) and non-replies. That is again alright, we have them documented as part of our report to Google.

Now, if you think you are a victim of spammy link removal emails, then, that is another story. But I am certain that those purveyors of irritant emails are definitely not real SEOs. The SEO industry exists with all its purpose is to help webmasters and site owners be more visible on the web when users are searching for their sites.


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